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Today, is my dad, John Bolt‘s 63rd birthday.

I was going to do the typical facebook status complete with embarrassing sweet photos, but instead I decided to write a little more about how I feel about my dad, and why I’m so glad that he is my dad.

My dad’s parents never told him that they loved him, that may be a generational thing (I don’t know), but my dad swore that he would never stop from telling his kids that he loved them and he hasn’t. I can never remember a time, even through my teenage years, which were no picnic for him (I’m sure), that I didn’t know deep down in my core know that my dad loved me. My dad always encouraged me to try stuff, to do what I loved, and to get back up when I fell down.

We would spend hours in our driveway in Atlanta when I was in elementary school shooting hoops, throwing a baseball, playing football, or making up games with frisbees. (I’ll take this opportunity to say “I’m sorry” for pushing you off the side of driveway during a competitive football game and causing you to tear the ligaments in your ankle.) Even on your crutches you would zoom around not letting a little bump in the road stop you from pursuing your dreams and your love of journalism while making sure me and my sister could pursue ours.

I could write a book full of stories of why I love my dad or how he showed me how to be a good person, a good partner, and a good father. Stories of little league baseball coaching, high school baseball umpire arguing, watching him perform in community theater, hearing others praise him for his work and, more importantly, for his presence. Stories of challenging me in my screw ups and standing with me when I failed, stories filled with laughter and tears, joy and pain. Stories that all point to what a wonderful, inspiring, faithful, amazing role model my dad has been and continues to be.

Now for some sweet, embarrassing photos.

I love you, Dad!

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Everyday I think about how blessed I am to have a loving partner and two great kids that challenge me, love me, and accept me. My prayer is that they will feel equally as blessed

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Here is the message I gave for my grandmother, Nan Elizabeth Rodgers Bolt. The text was John 14:1-3

At this time, in this place I am comforted by the words that wherever I am God will be there too and I hope those words are comforting to you as well.

In this time where we gather together to celebrate the life of Nan Elizabeth Rodgers Bolt, or Nana as I knew her. We are reminded that God has prepared a place for us, God opens God’s hands to us and bids us welcome because there is room to spare.

How often do we worry if there is going to be room for us? How often do we fear that we won’t be accepted? How often do we worry that we won’t be prepared?

We all know that Nan didn’t like surprises. She liked to be prepared, prepared with the right shoes, or the right make up, making sure her lipstick was perfect before she left the car, because we all know that you can only put on lipstick in the car. Nan was that way as long as I knew her that was confirmed through all the stories I have heard about her, she was like that even to her last moments.

On Friday morning, the day she died Nan woke, got ready for the day, and asked the caregivers if they would fix her hair. After her hair was done, she laid down and when they came to check on her, she was gone. It was like she knew that it was her time, she knew that she would be seeing her loved ones that had gone before her. She was preparing to be dealt in to the next hand around the bridge table with Ruby, Juanita, and Charles. The room for her had been prepared, it was ready, she was ready, God was ready.

That’s the promise of the scripture, that there is room for us here on earth and in heaven. Room for us to be with God, room for us to be with family, room for us to be with each other; there are so many places where we are told that there is not room, both real or perceived, but the promise from the Gospel is that THERE. IS. ROOM.

The more we can know, really know, that there is a place for us. A place in God’s house, a place in this world, the more we can open the doors and participate in the work of God preparing room for other.

The theologian William Barclay writes about a group of soldiers during World War II who had lost a friend in battle and wanted to give their fallen comrade a decent burial. So they found a church with a graveyard behind it, surrounded by a white fence. They found the parish priest and asked if their friend could be buried there in the church graveyard.

“Was he Catholic?” the priest inquired.

“No he was not,” answered the soldiers.

“I’m sorry, then,” said the priest. “Our graveyard is reserved for members of the holy church. But you can bury your friend outside the fence. I will see that the gravesite is cared for.”

“Thank you Father,” said the soldiers, and they proceeded to bury their friend just outside the graveyard on the other side of the fence.

When the war had finally ended, before the soldiers returned home, they decided to visit the gravesite of their friend. They remembered the location of the church – and the grave, just outside the fence. They searched for it, but couldn’t find it.Finally, they went to the priest to inquire as to its location.

“Sir, we cannot find our friend’s grave,” said the soldiers to the priest.

“Well,” answered the priest. “After you buried your fallen friend, it just didn’t seem right to me that he should be buried there, outside the fence.”

“So you moved his grave?” asked the soldiers.

“No,” said the priest. “I moved the fence.”[1]

Today we remember, we celebrate, we proclaim that THERE. IS. ROOM. And that Nan is making herself at home with God, a home that she has always lived in, a home that is promised to each of us.

Jesus says, “Don’t be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me…where I am you will be too.“

May it be so.



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Today my Nana Bolt passed from this life to more life.

May God’s Spirit hold her.

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The love of God and family buoys me against all ills and gives me confidence to speak.

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TLO is now almost five months old and man has time flown by. Here are some pictures and videos from TLO’s first cross country trip to visit Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Buttface (;P, that’s for you Mom) as well as meet her Great Grandmothers and see a whole host of my family.  She also got to meet with her Aunt Maggie and Alec and hang out for a couple of days with her cousins Bean and Bone. (Thanks Granny) We hope she wasn’t too traumatized. I guess we’ll find out later in therapy.



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After a busy week of Holy Week where I went back to work, led a Maundy Thursday service, both Beloved and I participated in Good Friday services, and had multiple Easter services plus a Pancake Breakfast needless to say we were relieved to get today off. Here a bunch of pictures since my last post. (Including our first Easter family portrait.)



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